Mama to be Package

This all inclusive package will have you covered for every appointment you will need in your pregnancy.  Lisa will meet with you as soon as you contact her and she will continue to follow you until your postpartum period.  At 36 weeks you will be referred to an obstetrician of your choice to meet with them and prepare you for the delivery at the hospital.  Package include visits until 36 weeks, as well in the week following delivery and 6 weeks for postpartum follow-up.  

Package Pricing - $1800 + tax

Prenatal Visits:

  1. Your first visit is completed at Higher Health Clinic or your home and is the most in depth. Your partner and family are welcome to be a part of the appointment. Note: If at higher health clinic we ask no small children are present to respect the other clients enjoying their treatments.

  2. Notes and prescriptions are included with your visits however, outside of appointment times a small fee is requested for notes and prescriptions.

  3. Blood-work, prenatal screenings, ultrasounds will all be ordered and reviewed

  4. Each visit is done privately and conveniently in the comfort of your home

  5. You will be notified of any results as they are sent to Lisa

  6. If you wish to have a copy of your chart this will also be provided free of charge


Individual Appointments

If you are not sure, or would like to start off with just one appointment this is the route for you. Lisa will meet with you for your first appointment, which usually is the longest as we go deep into the health history of you and your partner and your experience so far with this pregnancy.  Lisa will continue seeing you (if you choose) until 36 weeks where you  


  • First Appointment — $200

  • Subsequent Visits — $120

  • Postpartum assessment —$150

Harmony Prenatal Testing

The unknown can cause lots of anxieties for patients, by choosing the Harmony test, patients can be assured of the health of their unborn babe.  The test remains a "screening" meaning it is still not a diagnostic test, but it does allow your health care team and you to be prepared for your new bundle when they enter the world.

Harmony Prenatal Test Cost:

  • New Patients - test only - $200

  • Existing patients - included

  • Dynacare fee (paid to dynacare directly) - $495

Common reasons couples choose the Harmony Test:

  • Personal/Family history or unknown family history

  • They just want to be sure!

  • Positive screenings using the covered genetic screening in Alberta such as the First trimester prenatal screening of the quad screen.

Any questions or concerns you have, please feel free to fill out the form below.

Appointments are not necessary for questions you may have!