Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is all encompassing of the various tests, screenings and monitoring that are important in each pregnancy to ensure the health of the mother and babe.  Each visit focuses on the different stages of pregnancy and what it brings, while providing reassurance and support for each woman needs.


Prenatal Packages

Prenatal packages vary depending on the type of services you would like.  Each visit is booked individually, alternatively you may book a prenatal package to cover your from the beginning of your pregnancy to your postpartum period.  


Harmony Prenatal Test (NIPT)

Also known as non-invasive prenatal screening the Harmony test is an advanced genetic screen that is 99% accurate in detecting the three most common trisomies of pregnancy, with exposing no risk to the fetus.   Available after 10 weeks gestation the test is able to assess fetal sex (if wanted) and screen for trisomy 21, 18, and 13 (Down Syndrome, Edward's Syndrome and Patau Syndrome respectively) from one vial of blood from the mother.  This is a great options for those that would like to most accurate screening tools and to be prepared for whatever may come in the pregnancy. 

NOTE: Harmony screening is currently not covered by Alberta Health and Wellness, but through payment to Dynalife.  No extra fee will be needed from Higher Health if already seeing Lisa for prenatal services.  

The NIPT does not screen for AFP that tests for spina bifida, this will need to be completed still through blood-work that is covered at 15 to 20 weeks.



Ultrasounds are important in your pregnancy to ensure accurate dating and assess wellbeing of the fetus.  Each pregnancy will require a minimum of two ultrasounds.  Contact Lisa to discuss the sequencing of these ultrasounds and help you to navigate through the process.


Traditional Medicine

Collaborative care is the forefront of helping patients achieve exceptional wellness.  Traditional and alternative medicine can provide relief for many ailments that arise in pregnancy such as hyperemesis gravidarium, sciatic pain, and preparing the body for labor.  Lisa works in partnership with many wonderful providers of alternative medicine such as Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage therapy that provides great relief for those suffering in pregnancy (and who doesn't like an excuse for a massage!).

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Postpartum Care

Skin to skin care, and rooming in are great ways to promote bonding with your new bundles.  Lisa will allow you to continue bonding with you newborn and visit your home for your postpartum checkup. Breastfeeding, contraception, nutrition, and sexual health, are just some of the topics that may be reviewed.  This service is included should you buy a prenatal package, but is also available to anyone that would like an at home visit after the birth of their child.


Sleep Training

Lisa does not offer sleep training but there are many wonderful professionals in the community that do offer this service.  Contact Lisa for any recommendations.  



Higher Health Doula Cooperative is a professional service available to the women of Fort McMurray.  Doulas provide prenatal support through your pregnancy and into the labor period.  They are a great resource for you and your partner.  The cooperative also provides prenatal appointments the third Thursday of every month, where Lisa also attends to answer any questions you may have!

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